Education Grant​​


$5,000 Limit 

New programs in the classroom or in extracurricular activities


These practices, when tied to the educational goals of the school district, are often key catalysts for improvement. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to enable new programs in the classrooms or in extracurricular activities for the KCSD and may be awarded throughout the year. There is no deadline! Grants may be awarded for one, two, or three years (max. $5,000/year).

  • Grants may be submitted and funded at any time.

  • There is a $5,000 limit on funds requested.​



Educator Grant



$4,000 Limit

Awarded for expansion and/or sustainment of existing KCSD programs


Proven Practices Grants are practices that have already demonstrated effectiveness.  

  • Grants may now be submitted and funded at any time.

  • There is a $4,000 limit on funds requested.

  • The same person may not apply for a Proven Practices Grant more than one time per year.  However, a different person, team member, etc. may apply for funding for the same thing.

  • The same person may not apply for Proven Practices Grant for the same thing for more than three consecutive years. If awarded in multiple years, each year the amount awarded will decrease by at least 1/3 of the original amount requested.



Educator Grant



$300 Limit

Enhance and support the educational experience


  • There is a $300 limit on funds requested.​

  • Must “enhance and support the educational experience at Kennett” (KEF mission statement)
  • Cannot be requested more than once for the same thing by the same applicant.​

  • Applicants may not apply more than once a year.




Students and Mentors
Applying Resources Together

Student Grant


$2000 Limit

Aid our youth in developing great ideas and leadership skills that will benefit our school district

  • The Kennett Education Foundation Innovative Grants Program for students is designed to aid students within the Kennett Consolidated School District brings new ideas and resources into the District that will make a difference within the school community. An intent of this program is to aid our youth in developing great ideas and leadership skills that will benefit our school district.​

  • Grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded to enable new programs or practices in the classrooms, buildings or in extracurricular activities for the Kennett Consolidated School District. They are awarded throughout the year. There is no deadline.


Recently Awarded Education Grants

Frequently Asked Grant Questions

Who may apply for grant money?

If you are employed by the Kennett Consolidated School District, or are a member of an organization that serves students within the district, and developing a program to support district students, you are eligible for grant money from the Kennett Education Foundation.

How much money may I ask for?

All proposals must include a detailed expense budget for funds requested from KEF and include any revenue that will be used from other sources.

  • Promising Practices Grant: $5,000 Limit
  • Proven Practices Grant: $4,000 Limit
  • MiniGrant: $300 Limit
  • Smart Grant: $2,000 Limit

How difficult is it to apply for a grant?

It is very easy! A decision will be rendered as soon as possible, we aim for less than 30 days. You will be asked to enter the name of your principal so that he/she receives a copy of your grant submission.

What does the Foundation look for in grant proposals?

The following categories are more likely to be funded:

  • Innovative programs - also described as "first-time", "unique", "pilot".
  • Music, art, language or non-academic extended learning programs.
  • Specialty equipment or technology - microscopes, globes, certain software (appropriate district staff must approve requests).
  • Projects that provide an avenue to explore, develop, and refine ideas for improving the education for our students.
The following Categories are less likely to be funded:
  • Projects that fund professional development courses or workshops only.
  • Projects that fund primarily consumable materials and/or transportation costs.
  • Experts (i.e. authors or artists) who are used in the program are viewed as an exception.
  • Grants that are used to compensate teachers or staff who come to work with the students are prohibited

What considerations are used to determine which requests are funded?

  • Innovative, unique and use of “best practices”
  • Number of students who benefit.
  • Durability of benefit (more than one class year) and can it be shared by more than one class.
  • Significant benefit to students or teachers.
  • Leverages financial and/or volunteer support from other sources when necessary.
  • Promotes collaboration between teachers, schools, and/or community.

Once my grant is approved, how do I get reimbursed?

Once your grant is approved, the KCSD District Office will assign you a grant-specific account code, along with ordering options and reimbursement processes.

How long do I have to spend the grant funds?

Grant funds should be spent by the end of the school year in which it is awarded. If an extension is required, contact the KEF Education Grants Committee.

Do I need to report back to the Foundation?

A summary report and photographs, where practical, are requested of successful applicants at the completion of all projects. In addition, grant recipients may be asked to make a brief presentation to the Kennett Education Foundation board at the successful completion of the project.

Still have questions?

Please contact the Education Grants Chair Barbie DeCarlo.