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Grants In Action

The 2016 KHS Indoor Color Guard participated at the Cavalcade Championships on April 9, 2016.  

KEF has awarded several grants to KHS music programs over the years. Watch the video, they had a great performance!


KEF has provided many grants to KHS/Mr. Vanderslice and it's apparent the grants are making a difference under Mr. Vanderslice's leadership!

On May 4, 2016 video production students attended the Scholastic Emmy Awards in Philadelphia. Receiving an Emmy was Gia Ruggio for her production of Practice Makes Perfect. Her video tells the story of a young woman and her performance of a tap dance number. 

Other Kennett students receiving Awards of Excellence include: Sean Rodgers, Luciano Spera, Mike Bellino, Najia Walls, Madison Brown, and Jack Ryder. Maggie O‚ÄôSullivan and Kyle Sheridan also entered their production work into the competition. 

Proven Grants - 2016
Kennett Middle School

Joy Brady and Sara Donovan were awarded $1757 for Constructing Geometry.  They will be using this grant towards compasses for their Honors Geometry students. The compasses will be used weekly to teach Geometry concepts in a hands on way. Students will be taught the properties of geometric figures through constructions, and they will understand the importance of precision when using mathematical tools.

Kathleen Madigan has been awarded $975 for the Results Only Learning Environment-ROLE Program. The ROLE system replaces numerical grades with extensive qualitative feedback throughout the course of a marking period.  Students will create a portfolio of class work and sit down with their teacher to argue their end of term grades.  Through this program, students will set goals and establish a plan of action to achieve these goals, improve communication skills by conferencing with their teachers, and build experiential knowledge.  

Kennett High School

Jodi Davidson was awarded $3602 for Ceramic Wheels.  The additional ceramic wheels will increase the number of students every period throughout the day. The goals for these students are to have them continue to grow and learn new techniques in clay. Serving bowls, mugs, vases, water pitchers, and casserole dishes are just a few of the projects students will get to create.

Ray Fernandez has been awarded $500 for the Kennett High School 16th Annual Multicultural & Diversity Awareness Conference.  This is an annual event that brings many schools and students together to participate in workshops and activities devoted to improving race relations and embracing cultural differences. The goal is to have students, parents and other professional members of our community to share and discuss key issues in our society.

Jennifer Schmalzbach has been awarded $4000 for Continuation of Navigating Through Mathematics: A TI-Nspired Journey. This grant will be used for a set of graphing calculators and Navigators.  These math tools will integrate State-of-the-Art Mathematical Education Technology, facilitate immediate student/teacher technologically based interaction, and provide students with increased accessibility to challenging problems.  Students will build on their problem solving, communication and reasoning skills.

New Garden Elementary

Carol Davidson was awarded $275 for Flexible Seating.  This grant will be used to create a classroom environment that is conducive to open collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Not every child will work to their maximum efficiency when at a desk all day. Flexible seating has shown to increase student engagement in activities, meet the needs of differentiated learning styles, to increase student's ability to focus and complete tasks, and to foster an environment of choice and responsibility. The seating will create a physical environment or learning space that children are comfortable in.

Promising Grants - 2016

Kennett Middle School

Tania Burns, Jeffrey Powell, James Burns, Ryan Myers and Colin Parnell have been awarded $5000 for Introduction to Engineering Principles using Lego Battlebots for Grades 6-8.  This after school club focuses on the Robotics section of STEM.  Students will build their own Bots using repurposed real world equipment.  Students will learn about machine design, alternative energy, and biomechanics.

Mary D Lang Kindergarten Center

Kourtney Philips was awarded $4000 for a CARE (community, Activity, Relationships,Experiences) room at MDLKC.  The CARE room will be set up with several hands-on centers that will focus on careers within the community.  The stations will provide students an opportunity to practice interpersonal skills including conflict resolution, communication, active listening, cooperation and group work.  They will also utilize math, reading, writing and interpersonal skills while learning about the different careers in their community.

Grant Recipients
Bilingual Reading Partnership

Ms. Kate Madigan, a member of the KMS 8th grade Language Arts Department earned a Promising Grant grant entitled, Bilingual Reading Partnership.

Through this grant, KMS will be adding the Spanish version of multiple novels/books in our curriculum to our KMS library. Students who chose to read these books as part of a particular unit will have the opportunity to check out those books for their parents or other Spanish-speaking family members to read. The hope is that this parallel reading will promote book discussions and an increased level of academic communication between family members in the home.

Decoding Bootcamp

Ms. Lisa Tash at New Garden Elementary School earned a grant for the first grade team, Decoding Bootcamp.  This program seeks to increase the fluency of those students who are struggling.

Decoding Bootcamp applies a multi-sensory approach to the strategies students will learn including visual, auditory and tactile clues. These senses will stimulate the  parts of the brain to make decoding more meaningful and concrete.

Math In A Nutshell

Ms. Sipple represented the entire fourth grade at Bancroft Elementary when she submitted her Math In A Nutshell grant to KEF.  This program will be used as a supplemental to Investigations.

Math In A Nutshell correlates with the standards and units that Investigation uses.  The fourth grade team is eager to begin this new program to add more learning opportunities for all students.  Teachers will be able to scaffold instruction to meet the needs of all learners within the class.


Ms. McGarvey at Kennett Middle School and Ms. Teixeira at Kennett High School were awarded the KEF $10,000 Super Grant on Tuesday, June 24th.  Their collaboration on this project, Bridge Building in Reading for the 21st Century, will fund a start-up initiative that provides a platform that meets students' technological levels and preferences while nurturing a love of reading.  Funds will be used to purchase electronic readers and electronic books which will encourage and engage students in reading and provide consistency in resources between the two schools "bridging" and building higher learning.

The goals of this grant are to motivate adolescent readers and make reading opportunities available through electronic resources, reach reluctant readers through technology that students prefer, develop life-long readers and reach struggling readers through assistive electronic resources.  Congratulations Ms. McGarvey and Ms. Teixeira!