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Meet the Team

Our board consists of administrators, educators, parents, and individuals committed to supporting the academic success of our children in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

Andy Augustine, Emeritus
Michael Finnegan, Emeritus
Bob George, Emeritus
Bud Pierce, Emeritus
Dr. Blakey, Ex Officio
Dr. DeAngelis, Ex Officio
Edward Wood, Finance
Carolyn Smith, Ex Officio
Linda Parkinson, Ex Officio

Additional Board Members and Associated Friends

Bob George, 2001-2006
Karl Bennett, 2007-2008
Janice Reynolds, 2009
Elizabeth Stinson, 2010-2012
Rudy Karkosak, 2013-2020
Alison Biloon, 2020-2021


Join Us
Board Member at meeting

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our commitment to the students of the Kennett Consolidated School District. We promise you will find it to be a very rewarding experience. There is no better foundation upon which to build the future of our community.

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