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Honor a Teacher or Staff (HATS)

Outstanding Teachers




Educator Grant

New programs
in the classroom or
in extracurricular activities


$5,000 Limit



Educator Grant​​

Awarded for expansion and/or sustainment
of existing KCSD programs


$4,000 Limit 


Educator Grant

Enhance and support the educational experience





$300 Limit 




Students and Mentors
Applying Resources Together

Student Grant

 Aid our youth in developing great ideas and leadership skills that will benefit our school district


$2,000 Limit 




Kennett High School

With a generous support through a $10,000 Promising Practices grant back in the fall of 2011, the KEF helped us lay the foundations for what would become a world-class robotics team here at KHS. From our humble start with 13 students, we have grown to an award-winning team with over 30 members. Over the past eight years, we have involved hundreds of students and given them an engaging, hands-on STEM experience. We have won a district championship, finished in the top tier at Mid-Atlantic Regionals, and qualified for Worlds the past two years. KEF continues to be one of our primary supporters, for which we are very grateful.  

Daniel Folmar
Chairperson Science Department

Kennett High School



Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

All 300 students who attend the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center visit and enjoy the CARE Room which is divided into six career-related stations. Students can become a doctor or veterinarian at the hospital station, an architect or construction worker at the building station, a server, chef or cashier at the restaurant/market station and kitchen; a teacher at the classroom station, or a postal worker at the post office, where students can send letters to their teachers and friends. It has been absolutely magical to watch the students engage in meaningful play related to career development.


Kourtney Phillips 

Guidance Counselor

Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

Less than $1,000
$1,000 or More

On an annual basis, Kennett Education Foundation currently funds over thirty-seven scholarships to graduating seniors of Kennett High School (KHS); and three eighth grade music camp awards to students at the Kennett Middle School (KMS). The KHS students receiving the scholarships and awards are chosen from the graduating seniors by the Kennett High School Scholarship Committee that represents all departments in the high school. This autonomous group follows the guidelines established by KEF for each of our scholarship awards. The KMS 8th grade music students receiving the awards are chosen by the KMS music teachers. 


Most Scholarships and Awards are made payable to the student and the university upon proof of enrollment and may be used for vocational or technical college, community college or a traditional 4-year college/university. 


Applications are available from the Kennett High School guidance counselors.



Kennett High School

My KEF scholarship allowed me to substitute a job my first semester with ten hours a week of doing homework, making friends, and joining clubs. These activities contributed to my successful transition to campus life— an imperative step for a first-generation college student—socially through combating homesickness, educationally through forming efficient study habits and extracurricularly through building a resume. After that formative first year, I had the financial latitude to pursue different on-and off-campus experiences that ultimately helped me secure a dream job of mine just two weeks after graduation.

Diana Carmona

Kennett High School Graduate


Show your appreciation of a teacher, staff member, bus driver, or other members of the Kennett Consolidated School District family. When your request is received we will send the staff member a certificate along with the comments you make about the honoree.

Parent Participation

Parents can honor teachers and staff by filling out the electronic form below. A donation is not required, but will be gratefully accepted and will go towards innovative, KEF supported, classroom programs.  All funds raised through the HATS program support the Education Grants Program. This is a great gift for both the Holidays and Staff Appreciation Week in May.




Student Participation

Students may also honor a teacher or staff member by turning the filled out HATS form to their school's main office. Forms can be downloaded below and are also available at each school.







Questions?  Please contact Susan Woron  


In a world where outstanding teachers make such a difference, KEF is very grateful for the dedication of all teachers. 


The outstanding teachers in each of the KCSD schools are recommended by their principals. KEF recognizes these outstanding teachers for their dedication to excellence in education.  

Each recipient of the KEF Outstanding Teacher Award receives a $100 cash prize, a bouquet of flowers and is an honored guest at the KEF Annual Spring Dinner. Each recipient's name is also listed on plaques displayed in the District Office and in each school.

Outstanding Teachers of the Year


Kate Madigan / Kennett Middle School Tricia Harlan / Greenwood Elementary School Lisa McCoy / New Garden Elementary School
Stacey Hoernig / Bancroft Elementary School
Peggy Hughes / Kennett High School
Jeri Ramagnano / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center (missing)


Anne Carrol / Kennett High School
Stacy Trinidad / New Garden Elementary School Jeffra Leo / Kennett Middle School
Eric Rutledge / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center
Emlyn Frangiosa / Greenwood Elementary School
Lori Lattanzio / Bancroft Elementary School (missing)


Marybeth Kufen / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center
Patti Tatum / Kennett Middle School
April Reynolds / Bancroft Elementary School
Jodi Davidson / Kennett High School
Jennifer Miller / Greenwood Elementary School
Sue Yocum / New Garden Elementary School (missing)


Lisa Murphy / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Katelynn Walls / New Garden Elementary School Marty Beech / Kennett High School Bill Hicks / Greenwood Elementary School Sara Simasek / Bancroft Elementary School Susan Matthias / Kennett Middle School


Kim Hall / New Garden Elementary School Kara Marchini / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Becky Wesselman / Kennett Middle School Shawn Duffy / Kennett High School Anne Bailey / Greenwood Elementary School Alicia Naimoli / Bancroft Elementary School


Ron Schultz / Kennett High School Brooke Giffi / Kennett Middle School Joan Viscuso / New Garden Elementary School Gretchen Peterson / Bancroft Elementary School Kourtney Phillips / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Lauren Farrell / Greenwood Elementary School


Mike Kelly / Kennett High School Judy Jester / Kennett High School Donna Phillips / Bancroft Elementary Jo Sterling / Greenwood Elementary Kelly Sarro / Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Troy Harris / New Garden Elementary


Lisa Daugherty / Kennett High School Tara Matthews / Kennett Middle School Jenn Joiner / Greenwood Elementary Joanne Connoly / Mary D. Lang Elementary Barb Denis / New Garden Elementary


Deb Roselle / Kennett High School Kori Barley Stoudemire / Kennett Middle School Sue Collins / Greenwood Elementary Lori Lattanzio / Mary D. Lang Elementary Kyle Miscoski / New Garden Elementary


Wendy Kotz / Kennett High School Brenna Levi / Kennett Middle School Jill Hertz / Greenwood Elementary Stacey Hoeing / Mary D. Lang Elementary Susan Ayres Davis / New Garden Elementary


Chanel A. Blow / Kennett High School Stephanie A. Sarosky / Kennett Middle School David A. Bickel / Greenwood Elementary Joan L. Viscuso / Mary D. Lang Elementary Colleen S. Thurmond / New Garden Elementary


Michael King / Kennett High School Herman Engel / Kennett Middle School Sandra McCall / Greenwood Elementary Tracy Hopkins / Mary D. Lang Elementary Diane Schettone / New Garden Elementary


Sarah Bohrer / Kennett High School Joann Anderson / Kennett Middle School Mary Smith / Greenwood Elementary Andrea Rozsits / Mary D. Lang Elementary Angela Mattoscio / New Garden Elementary

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