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Scholarships and Awards

Each year, Kennett Education Foundation currently awards over forty scholarships to graduating seniors of Kennett High School (KHS); and three eighth-grade music camp awards to students at the Kennett Middle School (KMS). The KHS recipients are selected from the current year graduating class by the Kennett High School Scholarship Committee. This autonomous group, composed of members of each department in the high school, follows the guidelines established by KEF for each of our scholarship awards. The KMS 8th grade music students receiving the awards are chosen by the KMS music teachers.

Scholarships are Funded in Three Ways
Annual Scholarships

The Annual Scholarships have been consolidated to help create more of an IMPACT on college costs. There are 8 categories of scholarship designed to connect donors and students through causes or fields for which they share a passion.


These categories are:

Financial Need


Community Involvement



Science, Engineering, Technology and Math


Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary

Donations of $50.00 - $2,499 will be combined into an Impact Scholarship and awarded in increments of at least $2,500.

Annual donations equal to or greater than $2,500 may be awarded as a named scholarship with the criteria and name chosen by the donor(s).

Invested Scholarships

Larger funds are established to provide an ongoing gift for a number of years or in perpetuity. These balances are invested so that market gains can be applied to the balance and extend the life of the gift. These scholarships are named to recognize either the initial donors or in remembrance of a KCSD Community Member.

STEPS to Success Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded directly from the KEF Operating Fund and provide complete funding for an associate's degree, license, or certificate program which enables the graduate to begin a career in their selected field. These Scholarships were created to provide assistance to students pursuing careers in a trade or vocation not typically offered in a 4-year college or university.

Donate to a Scholarship Fund


Interested in a new named scholarship or have general questions? Email Kendra LaCosta at

2023 Scholarships
Recent Scholarship Recipients
Annual Scolarship
Invested Sholarships
STEPS to Success Scholarship
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