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2020 Scholarship and Award Winners Share The Impact on Their Lives

Gina Lusvardi

University of Alabama

Donald McKelvie Memorial Chemistry Award

"At the University of Alabama, I have been excelling in all of my classes as a chemical engineering major and have had the opportunity to join some wonderful organizations. At the beginning of the semester, I was able to get a position in one of the research labs on campus studying nanofibers. Additionally, through the medical honors society, I am hoping to secure a volunteer position at a hospital for next semester. Also, for fun (and stress relief), I joined the triathlon club. Overall, receiving the scholarship from KEF has allowed me to worry less about how I am paying for college and focus more on my education and take advantage of some cool opportunities offered here. Thank you KEF!"

—Gina Lusvardi


Blake Bolhouse

Penn State

A. Duer (Bud) Pierce, Jr. Scholarship

"The scholarship means a lot to me. The fact that it tailors to demonstrating leadership and majoring in a business field at Penn State has motivated me work hard in my classes. I am also motivated to become an active leader and positive force." 

—Blake Bolhouse


Jess Sauer

Syracuse University

Robin Tyler Scholarship/Malcolm Rayne Memorial Scholarship

"I am so thankful for the scholarship! It has allowed my to attend my dream school and my dream program. I am attending Syracuse University and majoring in inclusive elementary and special education and minoring in disability studies. This scholarship has allowed me to find the best school for me and really flourish into the person I’m supposed to be." 

—Jess Sauer


Mary Charnichko

Immaculata University

New Garden Township General Authority Community Service Award

"College is going great! I am so grateful for the scholarships I have received, because they are helping me pursue my dream of becoming a nurse! Thank you so much!"

—Mary Charnichko


Maggie Meyreles

University of Miami

Longwood Rotary Foundation Scholarship

"I am starting in January for the spring semester, so I actually have not been down there yet. However, I plan on majoring in health sciences on the premed track in hopes of pursuing a career in surgery. Since I have not been at school yet, I have been taking some online courses through DCCC to get some credits for the fall semester I missed at Miami, mostly general ed courses. I have also been working at Kendal-Crosslands and the Chester County Hospital, both of which are helping me get exposure to the medical field in a way. The scholarship I was rewarded will definitely help my family and I pay for my university when I attend in the spring, University of Miami offers wonderful opportunities specific to my major and will help prepare me for medical school in the future as well. Thank you!"

—Maggie Meyreles


Magali Ortiz

University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth (Betty) Sweede Cloud Memorial Scholarship

"The scholarship that I received from the Kennett Education Foundation has impacted what I am doing in a huge way. It took a big weight off my parents shoulders and I because those were $2,000 we saved and didn’t have to pay out of pocket. That money went towards buying all the things for my dorm including, cleaning and kitchen supplies. That money from the scholarship also went and is going towards my textbooks for classes and any personal expenses I am having. I am truly grateful for having received that scholarship!" 

—Magali Ortiz

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