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Kale, spinach, radishes, lettuce, herbs and much more are growing in the amazing KMS Giving Garden

Kennett Education Foundation (KEF) School Grants (1st in a 3 Part Series)

KEF’s Grant program invites KCSD teachers and staff to request funding for:

  • New and Existing Classroom or Extracurricular Programs

  • Enhancements to the Educational Experience

  • Opportunities to Aid our Students in Developing Great Ideas and Leadership Skills.


KMS Giving Garden Funded by KEF Sponsors Longwood Gardens, Longwood Rotary Club, Manfredi Cold Storage, and Meridian Bank


“We spent a summer designing the land, ordering materials and prepping for the build and installed the garden on September 11, 2019 with the help of hundreds of people” explained Garden Coordinators Pattie Mancuso and Maryanne Uhl.

Over 300 KMS students assisted with the original installation and planting of crops.  When cool weather arrived in the fall, an 8th-grade class set up hoops and winterized the beds.  Throughout the seasons, students helped to tend and harvest. In Art class, students made ceramic plant markers for the garden beds. In February, about 200 students in 6th and 8th grade sowed seeds indoors for spring crops and for a plant sale fundraiser.

As you can see, with soil, seeds, basic tools, and the support of the school district and many other hard-working gardeners, the garden is fruitful and truly giving back to the community.  In its first season, the garden was able to supply the community with about 35 pounds of healthy food! 

It is with great pride and a heart full of gratitude that Pattie and Maryanne say: “Our Giving Garden was designed to support the needs of our community’s neediest families and enrich the learning experiences of our students. So many people and community organizations have supported Kennett Middle School in this endeavor including our KEF Sponsors, over 20 KMS Staff members, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Kennett’s Four Seasons Garden Club, After the Bell, and the Chester County Food Bank."

In the future, they hope to include even more students and acquire outdoor tables and seating.

Click here to enjoy our “See How They Grow” slide show!


Over the past 17 years, generous parents and sponsors have helped fund $480,000 in important Kennett School initiatives. 

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