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Imagination Boxes at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Spark Curiosity

Kennett Education Foundation (KEF) School Grants (2nd in a 3 Part Series)

KEF’s Grant program invites KCSD teachers and staff to apply for funding for:

New and Existing Classroom or Extracurricular Programs

  • Enhancements to the Educational Experience

  • Opportunities to Aid our Students in Developing Great Ideas and Leadership Skills.


Funded by KEF Sponsors MacElree Harvey LTD, and Phillips Mushroom Farms


“Imagination is more important than knowledge” - Albert Einstein This quote resonates with KCSD School Counselor Kourtney Phillips, who strives to have her students use their imaginations as part of their learning experience at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. She knows that students utilizing their creativity and imaginations at play time enhances their learning.  Ashley McKeown, Mary D. Lang Kindergarten teacher, agrees: “The Play Box has sparked creativity and students work collaboratively to develop themes such as a hurricane rescue, an animal picnic, and a colorful city. The possibilities are endless!”

It is truly exciting that KCSD has teachers and counselors that care so much about the development and improvement of our school system. The Imagination Boxes are an exciting example of how new techniques of learning are being implemented with the help of Kennett Education Foundation funding.  Special thanks to Kourtney for applying for this grant and for being a valuable member of our KCSD family! “It is impossible to know the world we are preparing our youngest learners for, but giving them the tools to develop their imaginations prepares them to bring a sense of curiosity and excitement about whatever may lay ahead of them!” - Kourtney Phillips, Mary D. Lang School Counselor

Click here to enjoy a slide show showing the Imagination Boxes in action!

KEF asks that you join us in thanking our sponsors, MacElree Harvey, LTD and Phillips Mushroom Farms.  Their generosity helped fund this purchase in support of our district’s youngest students and future leaders!


Over the past 17 years generous parents and sponsors have helped fund $480,000 in important Kennett School initiatives. 

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